Sunday, January 5, 2014

362 The Independant Non Party...Lets do it...

The better angels visited me last night in a dream.  Suggesting that the answer to the nations politics was party loyalty that always gets in the way of doing the right thing for the nation.  The leaning instead is to do the right thing that will benefit the party and disguise it as benefiting the people.  They suggested that the best hope was for us to elect people to all political offices by what the say and swear to uphold with no party affiliation.  It kind of sounded good to me, and I would imagine it has been suggested many times over, so my wish would be we could just get on with it and do just that.  I get calls and lots of mailing from polititions always wanting money.  I have no idea where this money goes, so I have just completely stopped giving a couple years back.  I really can not see why a candidate can not announce for an office and just tell people what he stands for and will try and do.  I don't see a reason for all the commercial advertizing that seems to have to go with politics.

Anyway I sure wish it could happen and come to pass that we just dropped the parties and elected all independants to office.  But I know it won't in reality.  But a great wish, maybe my New Years wish for 2014. 

The problem though is that people love being lied to these days. And most of those lies that they really love are what government can do to help them.  Never considering that the government help comes at a price to each of us, that includes huge administrative cost.  So there is lots of slippage, meaning that we pay far more for services than we get.  But politiians are a slick slimy bunch and they shift a lot of these cost over into the borrow catagory and then, presto it appears we get our moneys worth.  But instead about half the cost of programs are shifted to the national debt to be paid for by grand kids or never paid for and someday being the cause of our nation's collapse.

It is a sad state of affairs and one that as of this writing I have really not any huge wisdomic thoughts. But who knows those angels may be back tonight with some fresh ideas...I hope they are and if so I' will get it down on paper right away...don't hold your breath...

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