Saturday, September 8, 2012

344 I Bombed my well this week.

But it was a good bomb everything is better now. You see for the last few months I have been noticing an odor from my water when I get a glass to drink. It is weir too as it was just a couple faucets not all of them. So it finally came to me that maybe I have a bacteria or fungus of some sort down in my well. Maybe it just needs a good bombing.

So I got me a full gallon on Clorox bleach...the good stuff maybe the same as the cheap stuff but I wanted the very best for my bomb. I shut the power off to the well as I knew I needed to leave the stuff purculate in the well for about a day. I knew that my pressure tank full of water would provide me with good water for at least maybe 25 gallons or more. Enough for a few toilet flushes and keep the ice maker full and get me a drink if I needed it.

Then I removed the cap from the well and poured the clorox bleach down the well taking care not to pour it on the wiring that was visible there at the top of the well. After about day I decided it was time to kick the well motor back on and start the flushing process to eliminate the bleach from the well. But while I was waiting on the bombing to take place I thought of some neat things to do with the first maybe hundred gallons of water that I would pump out. First thing I thought of was running some through my three shower heads and of course the toilets. But the best effort I think was filling the bath tub with cold bleachy water and then circulating the pump through the jets in the tub. I could imagine that over time they could also pick up bacteria and fungus in those tubes and pump. Also while I still had a pretty good smell of bleach coming out the cold water side I decided to fill the fresh water tank on my motor home and then drain it a couple hours later to also attack any bad stuff in there.

After maybe a couple hundred gallons of water the bleach odor went away. The water at those faucets that were yucky are now very odors, water taste great...

I think it was a good effort and am in the process of doing Susan's well this weekend will go over there and flush it later today. If you live on a well you may want to think of doing this little trick as well...