Thursday, December 1, 2011

323 Tailgating, Raining, Snowing, and Land Rush

Well got invited to Hort Park at Purdue tailgateing. It is fun the Capecci's and Plaspohl's have a fun time at a few of the Purdue Home Football games...we eat, drink and be Merry and then go home and watch it on TV in is a lot of fun..campfires are always fun, well unless it's the 4th of July or something.

We had a really good rain a couple days ago and as you can see in the second picture it recharged the ground and even ran off quite a bit. Was glad to see that as the pond had been kind of low for the last couple months. I call my second picture "A river runs to it". That's what I get when I get run off I get nice clean water going directly as you see into the pond. It all flows north out of my 50 acres and is filtered through the 5 acres of native grasses then arriving very clean. I like the set up and so do the fish. I know they were happy to get the additional water to swim around in. Probably added at least 18 inches to the acre pond, which with Dayton math equates to about 540,000 gallons of the precious stuff all in a matter of a
maybe 3 hours. It is amazing and not a gallon of it hit the rivers. But I am now about 6 inches yet from the drain tube which will allow then the overflow to be metered slowing into the streams and river system.

But my little pond does it's job holding water back, conserving water and providing water for the fish and the grand kids and even me and sweet pea to swim and float around in kayaks in the summer time. Maybe coming up soon will just be ice skating and maybe icefishing.

Then after the big rain it turned to snow and it actually accumulated 4 to 5 inches on the ground. So our first major snow of the season as seen in the last picture below after it had melted a bit.

Which brings me now to the "land rush" of sorts that is going on with farm land across America these days. There is a couple things driving land values to new all time maybe even artificial highs. First is grain prices maybe being
double what they were 4 years back. Second and probably the real driver behind the willingness to pay huge prices for land is the state of the nation and the world. It is the same thing that has driven gold and silver prices and that is the fear of the economic system collaping and our money system as we know it kind of going away. Vanishing like steam does. And so people with huge amounts of it turn to land and metals as a way to have at least something in case that should happen. Land being even better than gold as there is some income while it is appreciating or depreciating. And who knows which that will be, but I have seen this before in the 80's when land seemed to have no top but then 5 years later it fell drastically in value. So the risk is there but who knows? If the economic system stabilizes it will probably level out and maybe even drop. But it may not we may see that these prices for Land and Gold and Silver stay with us a while. But at some point things will change it always does.

Click on the title above and Purdue will tell you more about farm land than you may want to know...Last nights land auction I attended was 232 acres of good but not great farm land near me. It brought $1,960,000.00 or about $8,350 per acre. I guessed before the sale that it would fetch 1.7 million. I was a little low and came away as I do from most auctions, "with all my money"....Land has doubled in the last 10 years maybe less than 10.

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