Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Party and a Cute Maiden in Waiting (306)

We had a great party this year celebrating our nations 235th birthday. It all happened right here in the pole barn and down by the water or in the water of the pond. We do it every year and have now for maybe 12 years or more. Its kind of a yearly family reunion with Susan an I also inviting a few close friends now and then for new blood to kind of spice things up. This year we must have had the right combination as we started at noon as usual but it was midnight before we called a halt to the festivities.
To start things off we had kind of a camp ground thing going on this year also. Jessica, Susan sisters family came up from Nashville, (part of our new blood) and stayed in my motor home. And my grandson Lucas and his gal Rachel brought their new RV up and stayed for three nights in a very premo location close to the beach. They have a very interesting RV called a Trail Manor and if you click on the title above it will take you to the Trail Manor website that will expose you to the wonders of said RV company. There's is the 2720SL model, pretty darn cool.... Also available here off to the right side is a Picasso of pictures showing their RV and allowing you to see how easy and compact this quality RV folds up. Click on the picture and it will take you to a larger shot of each of the pictures. It is amazing how small this RV is fitting into their garage at home and how big it is unfolded (27) feet in length.
The party started with a change up this year instead of all 60 of us doing the pledge of allegiance we decided to do some singing. I had printed off the words to Lee Greenwoods song Proud to be an American...The night before my 12 to 13 year old granddaughter Allison Stair asked me if she could sing the national anthem for the people and then do the lead part in the other song we were all to sing. I was taken back and did not know what to say thinking she would get cold feet at the last minute and embarrass herself. But she was begging and so I said, well OK guess it will be alright. Well "alright" it was, as she had her pretend microphone in hand,(she said she needed that although it was not plugged into anything) and just a tad nervous maybe on the first few words, she belted the song out like a real trooper...And then did the lead parts in the other song as well, her voice getting stronger all the time, after she seemed to get her "stage legs" under her....We then enjoyed our wonderful meal of great brats, chicken drumsticks and wings and a vast array of carry in dishes that the good folk all brought with them...I always tell them not to hold back but bring something exciting and believe me they do it. The pond got used by a whole lot of us, swimming, kayaking, swinging off the rope into the pond and general sunning by the water. Also in the back ground was the same above grandson Lucas playing his guitar and singing some good songs...All of this went on until midnight including a campfire on the beach and making of "smores" was a great party.
Now also keeping one eye on the pending "Sex in the Cornfield", I have noticed some maidens in waiting starting to appear. Took one of there pictures here as the future ear of corn starts to peek its head out of the corn leaf. It won't be long now, and I will keep you posted...

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